Tips on Maintaining a Commercial Ice Machine

Tips on Maintaining a Commercial Ice Machine

Are you looking for a great business idea? If you love cooking and dealing with the general public on a daily basis is a wise move. While there are over 660,000 restaurants in the United States, there is always room for more. The key to having success with a new restaurant is investing in quality equipment and providing excellent customer service.

Keeping the drinks that you serve in your establishment, then investing in a commercial ice machine is a must. With these machines, you will have a virtually unlimited supply of ice to offer to your customers. Keeping the ice machine functional is only possible if you maintain it properly. Here are some of the things you need to do when trying to maintain your commercial ice machine.

Check and Clean the Water Intake System

Once you find and buy a commercial ice machine for your restaurant, you need to take some time to familiarize yourself with how it operates. Getting to know more about the various parts and systems this apparatus has can be beneficial. One of the most important parts of your ice machine is the water intake system. This system takes water from the tap and sends it to the ice maker on a consistent basis.

As time goes by, this part of your ice machine will start to become dirty. This is why you need to make an effort to sanitize it on a regular basis. Luckily, there are a variety of sanitizing kits on the market designed for your intake system. Consulting with professionals is the best way to figure out which cleaning kit is the right fit for your needs.

You May Have to Change Your Air Filter

Commercial ice machines come in two basic forms; water-cooled and air-cooled. If the machine you get is air-cooled, it will require some special maintenance. These types of ice machines have an air filter in place to remove dust and dirt. As time goes by, the air filters will become clogged with these substances. If they are not replaced, these dirty air filters can lead to a reduction in air flow.

The last thing you want is to overwork the components of your ice machine, which is why replacing the air filter is so important. In most cases, you should be able to find a replacement air filter at a local hardware store.

Keep The Ice Tasting Fresh With a New Water Filter

The water that is pumped into your ice machine will have to be filtered. This helps to not only remove harmful chemicals from the water, it also helps the ice taste better. The longer you have the same water filter in place, the higher the chance will become that it needs to be replaced. If you are unsure about how to replace this air filter, then you need to work with professionals. They should have no problem getting this job done quickly and correctly.

Ice Machine Repair is a Click Away

If your commercial ice machine is not working properly, it is time to call in the professionals at Tri-Point Refrigeration. With our help, you can get your ice machine back in good working order.

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