Superior Remote Refrigeration Monitoring

Many business owners have experienced the horror of walking into their walk-in freezer only to discover that the equipment failed the night before, potentially leading to thousands of dollars in lost product. The good news is that you can prevent this by having a remote monitoring system installed by the professional refrigeration techs at Tri-Point.

Monitoring Services Offered

Tri-Point can install a state-of-the-art remote refrigeration monitoring system capable of sending out alerts in the event of equipment failure or beyond ordinary temperature fluctuations. The system operates using Wi-Fi to transmit data remotely making it easy for you to know if there are ever issues with your refrigeration equipment.

All information is transmitted to Tri-Point technicians who can alert you if problems arise before they become a major concern. As Tri-Point operates 24-hour emergency services, a technician can be dispatched to deal with issues and help prevent expensive product loss. Remote monitoring can be set up for walk-in units both large and small.

Why Tri-Point Monitoring Services
With Tri-Point, you’re getting one of the most cutting-edge refrigeration monitoring solutions capable of handling walk-in units of all sizes.

The key difference in working with Tri-Point is that all of the technicians are experts in their respective fields allowing you to receive the highest quality of technical support if something does go wrong with your commercial refrigeration equipment.

You can rest easy at night knowing that your refrigeration is being monitored around the clock and that one of these expert technicians will be dispatched the minute something goes wrong. This Tri-Point difference can save you thousands of dollars in potentially lost products after just one equipment failure.

Who Can Benefit From Remote Refrigeration Monitoring?
While companies that keep large quantities of refrigerated products on hand are primary candidates for commercial refrigeration monitoring, any company that has a walk-in unit can benefit.

Just one major equipment failure can lead to thousands of dollars in lost product and remote refrigeration monitoring can detect this failure as it happens, saving you from potential lost profit. Some of the most common types of businesses that benefit from remote refrigeration monitoring include:

The last thing you want as a restaurant owner is to show up to work only to find that your entire frozen and refrigerated stock has perished due to overnight equipment failure. Sadly though, this is a common story for many restaurant owners at some point in their lives.

Not only will product loss lead to lost money directly tied to the product and the replacement costs, but you also have to factor in the lost profit on the sale of that product. If you can’t get new stock in time for the opening, you may even have to close down your business for a day or two until repairs can be made and that product replaced.

Medical Facilities
For medical facilities especially, refrigeration uptime can mean the difference between life and death depending on what is being stored. It’s essential that your equipment stays up and running and that any potential equipment failure is detected early before things like vaccines, blood, and other medically necessary products go bad.

Tri-Point early warning monitoring systems can prevent these possibilities from becoming a reality by alerting a technician to a potential issue in real-time. You will be alerted to the issue and a technician immediately dispatched to ensure your systems stay online and functional.

Convenience Stores
As a convenience store owner, you may not have as much in the way of refrigerated stock, but you can still benefit from a remote monitoring system. Because these systems are low-cost, the potential money lost from even a minor system failure is much more than you would spend on remote monitoring.

Just one refrigeration failure can cost you the equivalent of two years or more of monthly remote monitoring. Even the best-maintained commercial refrigeration systems are likely to fail at some point. Remote monitoring is the best way to offset this potential product loss for your convenience store and to keep you up and running.

Grocery Stores
Grocery stores, due to a large amount of frozen and refrigerated products, are prime candidates for remote monitoring. Many grocery stores have multiple walk-in freezers, coolers, produce vaults, and dairy coolers and even one of them failing could lead to thousands of dollars or more in lost product.

Even smaller grocery stores can benefit from remote refrigeration monitoring as the chance of equipment failure increases the older your walk-ins get. If remote monitoring helps to prevent even one system failure, the savings from avoiding product loss could equal five years or more of remote monitoring costs.

As a florist, you know that many of the most expensive flowers and other plants that you sell require special storage temperatures. Many florists have multiple display cases and potentially a walk-in storage for products. If any of these go down, it could lead to a loss of some of your most expensive items.

Even worse for florists is that replacing these products often isn’t easy as some of them may be out of season or one-off products. This is in contrast to restaurants and grocery stores which can often replace products within a day or two. Remote refrigeration monitoring can save you from this hassle and prevent your systems from crashing leading to major product loss.

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How Much Does Remote Monitoring Cost?

One of the best aspects of remote refrigeration monitoring is that the overall cost is extremely low compared to the benefits. The initial cost for installation can vary depending on the type of system that you choose to have installed and how many units need to be monitored.

After the initial installation and set up there will be a flat monthly monitoring cost which starts around $30 each month for smaller systems. To put this into perspective, even a small system failure can lead to thousands of dollars in product loss just one time. It would take you years of paying remote monitoring costs to equal just one instance of product failure.

How To Get Started With Remote Refrigeration Monitoring In Lubbock And Austin, TX

Getting started with a remote monitoring setup is as easy as picking up the phone or submitting a contact form. Tri-Point Refrigeration has all of the equipment and technical expertise to get your system up and running quickly and without the need to shut down business for the day.

Remote monitoring systems operate using Wi-Fi so if your business currently lacks the capabilities to handle this Tri-Point can help you get this set up as well. Once everything is installed, Tri-Point will actively monitor your refrigeration system and let you know if anything happens that requires immediate attention either day or night.

Contact Tri-Point Refrigeration today and get set up with a remote refrigeration monitoring system that can save your business from the nightmare of refrigeration equipment failure.

Emergency Commercial Refrigeration Repair

When having your frozen and refrigerated equipment monitored by our Tri-Point Refrigeration team, you can rest assured that our monitoring service will catch any issues quickly and that our highly trained and certified techs will respond quickly.

Our monitoring team will catch the issues, alert your team that we’ve seen irregular activity, and dispatch to get the equipment functioning properly quickly.

The most important thing in these situations is that when issues arise they are handled immediately. Tri-Point’s emergency refrigeration maintenance team will do just that.

You know that equipment failure doesn’t always happen at the most convenient time which is why Tri-Point’s Remote Refrigeration Monitoring solution is for you. When you’re ready to discuss this unique service with trained refrigerations specialists, give Tri-Point Refrigeration a call.

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