SEALing in the savings with new door gaskets!

Make sure you addressing these door gasket concerns:


Clean, clean, clean. This is the first step to ensuring that your walk-in or reach in maintains a constant, air-tight seal.  If wiping off the door gaskets is not on your weekly list of cleaning, it is time to add it! Door gaskets can easily trap food, dirt, and debris and over time, if these foreign items are not removed, there can be major issues! With food handling, it is important to clean seals in order stifle any mold growth that can compromise inventory. Soapy water and a simple nylon scrub brush or rag are perfect for cleaning door gaskets. Don’t forget to wipe the surface after cleaning to remove any left over soap, water, or free floating debris.


You should be regularly inspecting your door gasket for cracks, tears, or holes of any kind.

An easy way to tell if your door seal is faulty is by placing a thin piece of paper or a dollar bill between your door and gasket. The paper should get stuck; if your paper or dollar easily slides out from between the door and gasket when pulled, there may be a leak, and your gasket may need repair or replacement.

If your paper or dollar securely stays in place  when you pull gently on it, it is an indicator that you have a strong seal. You need to test all the way around the perimeter of your door to make sure all sides of the gasket are working properly.

If you are taking care of your seals, they will take care of you. Properly cared for door seals help your walk-in or reach in use less energy and in turn help to keep your energy costs down. They also help to protect your inventory from mold, icing, and excess condensation.

Your gaskets are easy to forget about, but a regular maintenance and inspection schedule can help you avoid major repairs and replacement situations. Be sure you regularly check and clean your gaskets to ensure that your walk-in coolers and freezers always have a tight door seal!


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