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Commercial Refrigerated Prep Tables

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Because commercial refrigerated prep tables are used for food preparation, improperly installed or malfunctioning equipment can put you on the wrong side of health regulations. It’s essential to get the equipment installed correctly the first time and to follow an ongoing maintenance schedule to keep your equipment functioning properly and your customers healthy.

Professional Commercial Refrigerated Prep Table Installation For Restaurants

Proper installation is the first step towards making sure that your commercial refrigerated prep tables work properly and serve your purposes. The primary consideration when it comes to installing your prep tables will be electricity and making sure your outlets are the proper voltage for the prep tables you’ve purchased. 

Tri-Point has expertly trained technicians that can help you to understand if your tables will work with your building’s current wiring. If issues do arise, Tri-Point technicians can work with you to understand optimal solutions and make sure your commercial refrigerated prep tables are installed and working properly. 

Popular Refrigerated Prep Table Brands

Tri-Point technicians can service and find original manufacturer parts (OEM) for most major brands of refrigerated prep tables. As much as possible, OEM parts are best to use to ensure compatibility and quality standards. Some of the more popular commercial refrigerated prep tables that Tri-Point technicians can service include:

  • Arctic Air
  • John Boos
  • Eagle Manufacturing
  • Advance Tabco
  • Coldline
  • Migali
  • Valpro
  • IKON
  • Turbo Air
  • Atosa

These are some of the most popular brands of commercial refrigerated prep tables that Tri-Point can service. However, your Tri-Point technician can work with almost any brand of refrigerated prep table to get it back up and running properly.

Prep Table Refrigeration Types

There are two primary types of commercial refrigerated prep tables that businesses can choose from. Tri-Point can handle repairs for both as well as provide instructions for continued preventative maintenance after repairs are completed. 

Forced Air Units

Forced air commercial refrigerated prep tables operate by moving the cold air from the coils, often through ductwork, through the unit, and over the pans to cool them off and keep food cool. There are few drawbacks to using forced air over cold wall prep tables.

The main consideration forced air units may require more cleaning due to the fans blowing outside air. Failure to keep the unit cleaned more regularly may cause dirt and other pollutants from the air to blow over the food. Forced air tables are generally cheaper up front but tend to cost more to operate over the long term.

Cold Wall (Wrapped Wall) Prep Tables

Cold wall style refrigerated prep tables, also known as wrapped wall prep tabled, have copper piping running outside the body of the food well which helps to more evenly distribute cool air. This makes them more reliable when you want to set and maintain specific temperatures.

While cold wall refrigerated prep tables tend to be more expensive upfront, they can often save you money in the long run due to less energy consumption. These are also less prone to needing expensive repairs due to having fewer moving parts. 

Common Uses For Refrigerated Prep Tables

Not all commercial refrigerated prep tables are built for the same tasks. Different tables are partitioned for different types of food and may have different repair needs. Some of the most common uses for commercial refrigerated prep tables include:

  • Sandwich Prep Tables
  • Pizza Prep Tables
  • Ice Cream Prep Tables
  • Salad Prep Tables

Each type of refrigerated prep table comes with problems unique to the design and intended purpose of the equipment. Regardless of what type of table you are working with though, a solid maintenance schedule will help to keep your refrigerated prep table operating longer and more consistently. 


For Emergency Refrigerated Prep Table Service

Benefits Of Proper Commercial Refrigerated Prep Table Maintenance

As with your other refrigerated equipment such as ice machines, walk-in coolers, and display cases, your refrigerated prep tables need to be maintained. This means sticking to a regular service schedule specific to your equipment that takes into account the level of use your tables receive. Some of the benefits to regularly having your prep tables serviced include:

Energy and Cost Savings

Dirty and poorly maintained tables tend to cost more to operate. This is especially true when it comes to forced-air units as the fans can become dirty and need to use more energy to remain consistent. Keeping your equipment clean and well maintained will go a long way towards cutting down on energy consumption and therefore lower your overall energy costs. 

Minimizing Serious Breakdowns and Costly Repairs

Energy costs aren’t the only thing that can eat up your profits when it comes to refrigerated prep tables. Poorly maintained prep tables are more prone to breaking down which can lead to potentially costly repairs as parts need to be replaced. The longer you let your prep tables go without maintenance from an experienced technician, the more likely you are to have parts break down. 

Longer Life From Your Equipment

Along with savings from lower energy costs, and less money needing to be spent on costly repairs, regular maintenance will keep your commercial refrigerated prep tables running longer. Consistent maintenance from a trained Tri-Point technician may help to extend your equipment’s lifespan by a few years, saving you significantly on operating costs.

Preventing Bacteria and Mold Build Up

Lastly, routine cleaning and regular maintenance to keep your prep tables operating properly will ensure they stay clean. This is essential for any business that handles food as poorly functioning prep tables that won’t keep proper temperatures can lead to mold and bacteria buildup dangerous to your customers. Eventually, this can develop into a potential health violation that can get your business temporarily shut down until a correction is made. 

Common Prep Table Issues

Compressor Issues

Issues with the compressor in a refrigerated prep table can be common and stem from a variety of potential issues. This could be a simple issue such as power being out or a more complex problem such as blown fuses, blocked airflow vents, or complete compressor failure.

You are likely to notice compressor issues from strange noises or issues with maintaining temperatures. Don’t wait if you start to notice either of these to call Tri-Point. The sooner you have your equipment checked and serviced, the less likely you are to experience major issues. 

Temperature Problems

Temperature problems can range from your unit getting too cold and potentially icing to inconsistent temperatures whenever you check your equipment. There are a variety of issues that could be causing your refrigerated prep table to have temperature problems. Two of the primary issues could be broken seals or doors or fan problems.

If you notice inconsistencies when you check the temperature of your prep table, it’s time to call a professional. While temperature problems aren’t always the sign of a major issue, they could lead to more problems over time if left unchecked.

Issues With Doors

Issues with doors can range from seals that are deteriorating to more complex problems such as broken hinges, bent frames, and more. This can have a wide range of consequences when it comes to the operation of your commercial refrigerated prep tables. 

One of the primary issues that come along with door problems include temperature maintenance. Improperly maintained equipment can allow warmer outside air in making it more difficult on the refrigeration. Other issues include outside pollutants getting into your equipment and onto the food.

Coil Icing Up

The coil on your commercial refrigerated prep table will get dirty over time. It’s essential that you regularly clean these as failure to do so can lead to premature failure of your equipment. You should ideally be cleaning these on a monthly basis but potentially more often if your unit receives heavy use.

It is also important that you are leaving the rail pans in place. Failure to do so can lead to the coil icing up after a short period. If you do notice this happening regularly, or other issues related to the coil, it’s time to call the professionals.

Food Prematurely Spoiling

There are various reasons that your food could be prematurely spoiling in a commercially refrigerated prep table. One of the primary causes of this will be due to temperature fluctuations stemming from compressor issues or due to a broken motor and fan.

Ideally, you will be able to notice issues with temperatures before food begins to spoil. However, if you do start to notice that some of the food in your refrigerated prep tables is going bad before the expected date, it’s time to call in the Tri-Point professionals.

Prep Tables Getting Hot

Another important issue to look out for will be your prep tables running hot. This can be caused by a few different issues ranging from improper ventilation to an overactive compressor. If you do notice that your equipment is running hot though, it’s time to call in a technician.

When your equipment starts running hot, the compressor may have to operate overtime to maintain the internal temperatures needed to properly store your food. This can lead to higher energy bills as well as potential premature failure of the equipment over time. 


Emergency Commercial Refrigerated Prep Table Repair

Even if you are having your refrigerated prep tables regularly served and doing your part to clean and properly maintain them, certain parts will eventually break down. This is especially true for forced air type refrigerated prep tables which have more moving parts. 

The important thing is that when issues do arise you have them handled immediately. Tri-Point Refrigeration offers emergency maintenance to get your equipment back up and running on the same day or as soon as possible. 

Equipment failure doesn’t always happen at the most convenient time which is why Tri-Point offers 24-hour emergency repairs. If you’re having trouble with your commercial refrigerated prep tables, give Tri-Point Refrigeration a call.