Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services
Whether you’re a restaurant owner needing to preserve food, or a health clinic director storing vaccines, working with a trusted refrigeration company for repairs is essential. So much can go wrong with refrigeration equipment, and when something does happen it’s essential to get in and get your system back up and running fast. Tri-Point offers 24-hour emergency repairs to ensure minimal downtimes when issues do arise.
Commercial Refrigeration Companies Near Me

When looking for a commercial refrigeration company near you, there are plenty of options to choose from. The most important factor though is that they can solve your problems quickly and efficiently to get your business back up and running.

Tri-Point Refrigeration has worked with large and small companies in a variety of industries to help keep things running smoothly. All technicians are expertly trained and have years of experience in their specific field. While many companies will work with one lead technician and many less experienced trainees, Tri-Point is the opposite. All of our technicians are the best at what they do.

This is why Tri-Point can provide such a strong guarantee on repairs because of the confidence we have in our technicians. You don’t want to have repairs performed only to have them break down again shortly after and Tri-Point is committed to keeping that from happening.

Full-Service Refrigeration Repairs

Aside from just walk-in freezers and coolers, Tri-Point Refrigeration is capable of handling repairs for all major commercial refrigeration equipment. This includes conducting preventative maintenance as well as emergency repairs to keep your business running. 

Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers

Commercial walk-in refrigerator repair is essential for keeping your products from ruining and increasing your overhead. Most of the issues with walk-ins stem from the refrigeration equipment, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that can cause problems.

Areas such as the doors and latches can also be a significant source of trouble as these often receive quite a bit of use and abuse. Repairs to your walk-in cooler door can lead to overall decreases in energy use and reduce how hard your compressor needs to run. 

Cold Prep Tables 

Because cold prep tables store food and are used for food preparation, it’s essential to service them regularly and immediately conduct repairs to keep them running properly. Tri-Point has worked with a variety of restaurants and cafeterias to repair broken cold prep tables and get their business back up and running. 

The last thing you want is to have a prep table break down before your rush hour or during normal business hours. Tri-Point offers emergency refrigeration repairs and stocks most common parts in technician’s trucks to get your equipment repaired as quickly as possible.

Refrigerated Reach-In And Display Cases

For grocery stores and convenience stores, reach-in and display cases can quite often take a beating from customers and employees regularly opening them up to get products and restock merchandise. This can create a lot of stress on the compressors leading them to break down more easily.

When your display and reach-in cases break down, it’s essential to get them back up and running quickly to avoid potential product loss. Tri-Point has worked with both large grocery chains down to smaller convenience stores to get their reach-in and display cases repaired and back up and running. 

Commercial Ice Machines

As with any other piece of equipment that hundreds of people use each day, ice machines can take a lot of abuse. Problems will inevitably arise and the most important thing is to get your ice machine repaired and back up and running quickly so it doesn’t impact your business.

Tri-Point stocks common ice machine parts in trucks so that many problems can be repaired the same day. For items that need to be ordered, you can expect expediency to get your part installed and get your ice machine back up for customer or employee use. 

Common Signs Refrigeration Repairs Are Needed

Even though preventive maintenance can help to minimize the chance of major issues arising, there are no guarantees that your commercial refrigeration equipment won’t eventually have issues or break down. When it does, early identification of the problem, or a problem that is about to arise, is essential for minimizing the overall damage.

1Power Issues: Power issues can mean there is trouble with either the electrical components of the refrigeration equipment or with the wiring going into the equipment. For display cases and reach-in coolers that plugin, make sure you are never using an extension cord as these can cause problems with the power supply to the cooler. 

If you notice inconsistent power or periodic outages for your walk-in cooler or freezer, then it is imperative to call in the professionals immediately. This is a sign of a growing issue and could lead to a total shut down and potential product loss if not handled properly and promptly. 

2Ice Build Up: There are multiple reasons why ice is building up in your commercial freezer or cooler. However, regardless of the reason, ice build-up is a sign that you have problems that are likely costing you extra money each month.

When ice starts to build up in your refrigeration equipment, defrost cycles must increase which can lead to significantly more energy being used than would normally be needed. For businesses that are storing food in their refrigeration units, this can also lead to damaged products and the loss of flavor in certain foods. 

Always make sure that freezer and cooler doors are being closed during restocking to more humid outside air from entering. If you do notice ice building up despite keeping doors closed, it’s likely time to call in a Tri-Point technician.

3Constant Operation: Your commercial refrigeration equipment, whether it’s your walk-in units or ice machines, is not meant to operate all the time. Instead, these units should be working only during the times that temperatures begin to rise. A sensor will detect when temperatures are changing then the compressor will kick in to return temperatures to stable ranges.

If you notice that your refrigeration equipment is operating constantly, it means that the unit is having issues maintaining temperatures. This could be due to faulty sensors or it could mean that you have leaks in your gaskets or seals that are letting outside air in. Either way, this is a sign you need a professional to come in for potential repairs.

4Inconsistent Temperatures: Inconsistent temperatures is a sign that your compressor may be having issues functioning properly. This is also usually coupled with leaks in your gaskets or seals, especially around the doors, that let in warmer outside air. 

You should look for this sign along with constant operation as the two often accompany one another. Remote refrigeration monitoring can help you to know when temperatures are continually falling out of the optimal range and putting strain on your compressor. 

It’s always best to call in a professional technician as soon as you notice regular temperature fluctuations. The more that your compressor has to work to keep the temperatures within an optimal range the higher the chances of a severe issue occurring.

5Strange Noises Coming From The Motor: Strange noises coming from machinery are never a good thing but when it comes from your refrigeration equipment’s motor it could be a sign of a serious problem. There are multiple causes including loose parts or debris trapped in the motor area, but it could also be a sign that your motor and compressor are about to shut down.

If you notice strange noises coming from the motor, you need to contact a technician immediately. While this may be a simple fix, it could also be a sign of serious issues, and getting them fixed early can prevent more extensive damage and therefore more expensive repairs.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Costs

You may be wondering what the costs are when it comes to commercial refrigeration repair services. There is no way to provide a fixed cost as all service calls are different. Some repairs may be incredibly easy and therefore on the cheaper end. 

Other times, especially when preventive maintenance has not been conducted, repairs can get quite expensive due to the parts and labor involved. The two primary factors that will influence the cost of your commercial refrigeration repairs will be the parts needed and the labor it takes to conduct the repairs.

For this reason, it is always in your best interest to follow your maintenance schedule and make sure as much as possible you are taking care of your equipment. While occasional repairs are unavoidable, you can do a lot to avoid the more costly repairs that come about as a result of neglected equipment.

Original Manufacturers Parts And Guarantee On Labor

As much as possible, it is important to replace parts with the original manufacturer (OEM) parts when it comes to refrigeration equipment. Tri-Point technicians understand this and have worked on almost all major brands. The Tri-Point team has relationships with the manufacturers and the ability to use OEM parts when repairing your refrigeration equipment.

Using OEM parts ensures that everything seamlessly works together and oftentimes will ensure you stay in compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty. Remember that not all refrigeration companies will use OEM parts. Some repair technicians like to use after-market parts to save money. Working with Tri-Point ensures your equipment is getting repaired with the best parts and equipment possible. 

24 Hour Emergency Maintenance With Tri-Point Refrigeration

Even if you are following your exact maintenance schedule and doing everything you can to take care of your walk-in, sometimes emergencies happen. There are various high-impact areas such as the walk-in doors and compressors that are more prone to breaking.

When issues do occur, you want assurances that they will be taken care of immediately. Tri-Point operates 24-hour emergency services to make sure that your walk-in coolers and ice machines are up and running as soon as possible.

Our commitment to transparency ensures that you will know exactly when a technician is being dispatched. No more half-hearted assurances of “we’ll be out there sometime today”. Instead, Tri-Point makes it easy to track exactly where your technicians are and when they are on the way.

Don’t wait until things are too late, call Tri-Point today and find out everything you need to know about commercial walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

The people at Tri-Point Refrigeration are super! I love my new cooler. They took out my old cooler and installed my new one, then gave me instructions on how to set the temperature. They cleaned up all the packing and were so professional. A perfect 5-star experience.

At Tri-Point refrigeration, we understand that commercial refrigeration is a service type where prompt, efficient service can make the difference between saving or losing thousands of dollars worth of product. 

In our industry, this means delivering on a service promise is not something to be taken lightly.

We understand that our reputation is the difference between getting the contract or not, and we always work with our customer’s best interests at heart. 

Your business and products are too important to trust to just any refrigeration company, call the trusted professionals at Tri-Point Refrigeration today!