Commercial Refrigeration Installation Services

Commercial refrigeration installation needs to be handled by experienced professionals to prevent issues that can lead to high maintenance and repair costs later on. Working with a trusted company like Tri-Point Refrigeration can help to ensure that all of your refrigeration installation needs are done correctly the first time.

Expert Technicians And Quality Assurance

Working with a reliable company that hires only expert-level technicians is the first step towards any successful commercial refrigeration installation project. Poor installation can lead to higher overall project costs and can shorten the lifespan of your equipment considerably leading to higher repair and potential replacement costs in the future. To ensure you are getting the best service possible, Tri-Point has made it a priority to work with the best-trained technicians and install equipment only from top manufacturers with a proven track record. Your end goal is to cut down costs as much as possible associated with ongoing energy costs and unnecessary repairs and Tri-Point can help you to accomplish this starting with a successful installation. While it may be difficult, especially in warehouses and other areas prone to the accumulation of dirt and pollutants, keeping the surrounding areas consistently clean will go a long way towards refrigeration maintenance.

Complete Range Of Commercial Refrigeration Installation Services

Refrigeration installation projects vary greatly and the level of expertise needed for each install needs to match the project scope and size. Working with a company that has serviced clients of all sizes can ensure that regardless of your installation project when you need refrigeration installation near me, it gets done correctly the first time.

Walk-In Freezers
You have a few different options when it comes to walk-in freezer installation including prefabricated and custom-made designs. Before selecting the right option for your needs, an experienced technician can work with you to understand your business’s specific needs both present and long term to allow for continued growth.

Careful planning from the beginning and selection of the best unit for your needs, whether custom or prefabricated, will help you to save money over the long term. By getting the correct unit the first time, and ensuring that installation is conducted correctly, you will save on everything from energy costs to ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Walk-In Coolers/Refrigerators
With walk-in coolers, you have the same options as freezers, prefabricated or custom-made solutions. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to picking the right walk-in refrigerators and what works best for one business may leave you with unnecessarily high energy costs due to being too much for your needs.

When working with Tri-Point, your technicians will work with you to understand first what your needs are and then to recommend the right solution to save you money. Tri-Point works only with trusted brands such as Bohn, Heatcraft, Hussman, Manitowoc, and others. By creating solutions tailored to your businesses needs, and working only with top-quality equipment manufacturers,

Ice Machines
Depending on their intended location, commercial ice machines can see a lot of use and therefore lead to higher repair costs if not properly installed. For this reason, getting it right the first time is essential during both the equipment selection and installation processes.

Especially for restaurants and grocery stores, where many customers may be using the ice machine throughout the day, these units can take a lot of wear and tear. Ensuring you have the correct machine from the beginning made to handle the volume of traffic, and making sure it is installed correctly, will help to keep your unit running smoothly long term.

Restaurant Refrigeration Installation

Restaurant refrigeration installation requires a proper understanding of the specific needs and challenges that restaurants face when storing and preparing food. Because you are working with a product that can affect people’s health, and therefore is heavily regulated, it is imperative to ensure your refrigeration units are installed and working correctly.

When looking for restaurant refrigeration near me, it helps to have technicians with prior experience installing common restaurant refrigeration equipment including:

Commercial Undercounter Refrigerators
These types of refrigeration units can help when you don’t have room for larger models. Commercial under-counter refrigeration units allow you to store smaller items such as vegetables, fruits, containers, and more, without the need for larger stand-up units or if you don’t need a second walk-in.

Your Tri-Point technician can help you to measure out the right sized units for your needs and choose a reputable brand to ensure you get your money’s worth. You will also be provided with a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure that your unit stays up and running post-installation without the need for expensive repairs.

Deli Cases
Commercial deli cases are a staple for restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries of all sizes. These refrigeration models allow you to store and present everything from cold cuts to drinks and pre-prepped meals for customers.

The most important thing when selecting and installing a commercial deli case is choosing the right size and understanding total energy consumption. Along with helping you to measure and set your commercial deli case, Tri-Point service technicians will help you to understand how to maintain and properly use the unit to ensure you get the full life span out of it.

Convenience Store and Supermarket Walk-In Installation

As a convenience store owner or managing director of a supermarket, one primary concern is likely to be to cut down on energy consumption and overall costs. Refrigeration can be a major culprit for wasted energy costs when the right equipment isn’t installed or when mistakes are made during installation.

Your Tri-Point Refrigeration technician can help you to save money by finding the exact refrigeration solutions for your problems. This includes understanding exactly how much space you need and striking the right balance between size, storage capacity, and ongoing energy costs.

Display Coolers
Display coolers can be a great way to increase sales by showcasing products that you want to move quickly. These can also be a primary culprit for energy loss depending on a few factors.

One of the primary choices will be whether you opt for an open-air design or one that is sealed with doors. Open-air display coolers tend to use more energy as they need to compensate for outside heat so these may not be the best option in warmer climates.

Making the right choice when selecting your display coolers is a great way to potentially increase sales while cutting down on energy costs. Your technician can help to outline your options, select equipment from a reliable manufacturer, and then offer a regular maintenance and service schedule to ensure your display coolers stay working.

Beer Caves
Beer caves have seen a rise in popularity over the last decade as a way to increase floor space and ensure that merchandise stays cooler and lasts longer. These so-called caves are simply walk-in refrigerators that have been designed to allow access to the public.

A primary benefit of beer caves for both convenience stores and supermarkets is that they allow you to store a wider variety of products at a more optimal temperature. This also means that you are cutting down on floor space needed for pallets and shelving allowing you to stock more non-beer-related items.

Designing a beer cave correctly is critical for getting the most out of your equipment. Various aspects need to be considered ahead of time including where the evaporator coil is placed, how much space you need, and how cold you want your beer cave to get.

Tri-Point can help you to understand all of the factors that go into creating a beer cooler and then come up with the perfect solution for your store, saving you money and improving the way your customer’s shop.

Reach-In Coolers
Commercial reach-in coolers are common for beverage display and storing similar smaller products. Similar to commercial display coolers, these can help showcase specific products and potentially lead to increased sales.

The primary issue with commercial reach-in coolers though is that they can be a primary culprit for energy inefficiency, especially in high-use areas. Because they are being opened and closed throughout the day, more energy is used to keep them cool leading to higher overall costs.

To help prevent costs from being any higher than they should be, these models must be installed correctly and perfectly sealed to avoid unnecessary energy loss. Continued maintenance and servicing will also be necessary to keep high-use areas such as door seals working well.

Your Tri-Point technician will help you to understand these specific issues as well as create a detailed maintenance schedule after installation is complete to keep your commercial reach-in coolers working at peak efficiency.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

Not all refrigerated prep tables are designed the same so the first thing your Tri-Point technician will do is listen to understand what your specific needs as a restaurant owner are. Once this has been established, your technician can help you to select the correct model and ensure it is properly installed.

Because commercial refrigerated prep tables are used for food preparation and storage, you must understand proper maintenance and cleaning procedures. Your Tri-Point technician can help in this regard by ensuring you have a solid preventative maintenance schedule and by making sure all of your questions are answered regarding cleaning and servicing the tables.

Medical Refrigeration Installation

Whether you are a blood bank seeking refrigerated storage or a mortuary that needs new refrigeration units installed, Tri-Point can help you to understand the best solution for your needs. As with restaurants, there are various regulations and specific requirements that medical facilities storing various items must comply with. Understanding these regulations is the first step towards a successful commercial medical refrigeration installation. Your Tri-Point technician will work with you to understand these specific requirements and then help you to find the most suitable and economical solution. This means economical in terms of both pricing and ongoing maintenance and energy costs, helping you to save more over the long run and get the full life from your equipment.

Home Walk-In Refrigeration Installation

Aside from commercial refrigeration installation for businesses, Tri-Point Refrigeration can also work with residential walk-in installs. The key here is in understanding how much space you need and how to optimally use the space you have available when creating a walk-in solution for your home.

Your expert Tri-Point technician can help you to select the best equipment that will not only serve all of your refrigeration needs but also help you to save money on energy costs. This is essential as walk-in refrigerators and freezers can be a major source of energy inefficiency.

Selecting the right size and ensuring proper installation will help you to cut down on those costs long term and get the most from your equipment.

Custom Designed Refrigeration Solutions

For larger companies and high-volume businesses, pre-fabricated solutions may not be the best option to meet your needs. Working with a company like Tri-Point that specializes in custom commercial refrigeration means that a solution can be crafted to overcome your specific challenges.

Technicians will work with you to first understand exactly what your companies goals are not just now, but also in the future. This is essential for ensuring that your custom refrigeration solutions allow you room for growth in the future.

More importantly, the work won’t just end after a successful installation. Ongoing maintenance is critical to keeping your equipment working properly and keeping your costs down by avoiding expensive repairs.

Your technicians will work with you to craft a custom maintenance plan based on your specific equipment to ensure you get the full lifetime value from your equipment and ensure energy costs stay low.

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