SEALing in the savings with new door gaskets!

refrigeration door gasket

Door gaskets, or door seals, are very important part of a walk-in or reach in. Door seals are small, and thus are easy to forget about or ignore. Unfortunately, these little warrior seals can begin to wear out and that can cause major problems. Door gaskets are meant to keep outside air out and inside air in. They help your walk-in from having to work constantly to keep the temperature regulated in your box. You door gaskets also keep moisture out of your walk-in and are a huge help in controlling humidity levels. Think about it like this, if your front door of your home lost all of the weather stripping and a rain storm came through, what would happen? Your door wouldn’t be sealed, the water and mud would leak in, and the floor would be wet. By not having your door seal, you may ruin the wood floors, you may slip and fall resulting in injury,…

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