4 Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Your commercial refrigerator and freezer is a considerable investment for your business and essential to keeping everything running smoothly. Repairs can be expensive, so by doing preventative maintenance, you are saving yourself money and time overall. Springtime is a great time of the year to do preventative maintenance, and we have a few tips for you to keep everything running smoothly.

1) Clean your equipment thoroughly.

You should be cleaning your refrigeration equipment every week, but a few times a year, do a deep cleaning. Doing so will not only prevent any mold growth but will allow you to see any wear and tear and any areas that may need further repair work. 

When doing a deep cleaning, unplug the equipment and remove all of the contents temporarily. Make sure you get rid of any expired, unwanted food items.  Start with cleaning the interior with warm water and a mild detergent. Make sure to clean any drawers, shelves, doors, and any removable parts. Clean the exterior with an appropriate solution that will not harm the stainless steel exterior of your equipment. 

2) Inspect and clean the coils.

You will want to check your equipment’s condenser coil regularly. If you don’t, you will run into problems maintaining the right temperature, which will lead to additional efficiency problems. Before you do any cleaning, first unplug your equipment. Use a bristle brush to remove any dirt and debris from the condenser coil. Use a vacuum to clear out any other accumulated dust and dirt. 

3) Check the door gaskets.

Don’t forget to check the door gaskets (or seals) when doing your regular maintenance. These gaskets tend to wear down over time and any type of split, or gap, or crack can lead to warm air entering into your equipment. Even if you don’t spot any split or crack, it’s still essential to clean the gaskets. Use warm, soapy water to remove any food, debris, or grease that has built up.

4) Check the hinges and latches.

It’s pretty simple – if your door doesn’t stay closed and latched, your equipment will not run properly. Check your hinges and latches for any alignment issues or issues with the door closing properly. Lubricate your door hinge and avoid keeping the door open for any lengthy amount of time.

You can only do so much of your own maintenance on your equipment. Make sure you contact a professional who is trained on maintenance checks. Often there can be problems that only a professional will be able to spot. With that said, though, doing these simple maintenance tips can help sustain the life of your equipment.

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